Pledge 22 (performance artist curator, DK, lives in Berlin)

I sit and meditate for a peaceful and gratified being as an artist, in front of all the work I already did and with a faith in that the future will bring enough and more than that:

I pledge to keep on acknowledging my academic and artistic practice as a fruitful combination despite the wish simplification and choice of either/or from my parents, institutions, the art market etc.

As a performer, I pledge to continue working with my body and voice and have a daily practice. I will never forget my writing.

As a curator, I pledge to pay fair wages, to create possibilities of discourse and conversation as frame of a presentation and to insure stability around travel, accommodation and rehearsals.

As a performance artist, I pledge to having signed the contract before I start to work. I pledge to offer a contract to collaborators before asking them to work with me. I pledge to honour weekends and holidays. I pledge to make it possible for me and other colleagues to have a family and an artistic career.

I pledge to not work for free and to follow the guidelines of artists unions in the specific countries I work in and for – as employee and employer. A monthly fee in Berlin should be at least 2000€. In Denmark 25.000-30.000 In Switzerland at least 7000 CFR – these fees are due to official recommendations in 2013 and will change.

I pledge to think about saving for a pension from my thirtieth birthday (which has already past). And to start saving somehow.

I pledge to find out about securing myself in case of falling sick or having a sudden accident, not being able to work.

As a colleague, I pledge to honour collaborators with credits and to work against a solo profile of the performance artist. I pledge to continue acknowledging other colleague artists and recommending them to curators and festivals.

I pledge to talk about working conditions, fees and vulnerability with colleagues and in public. I identify our work as artists not as an exceptional case, but as the role model of freelance workers and therefore caring a big responsibility of transparency and solidarity.

Dec. 2013