Pledge 21 (dancemaker, 27, lives in Amsterdam)

Pledge for localizing myself and my work

Choreographers, dancers and performance artists are forced to travel from one residency to the other in order to make work. A nomadic lifestyle has become a necessity for creation. This urban nomadism makes full integration of the artist and his or her art in any community impossible. It is my opinion that any disconnection and isolation of the contemporary performance art scene to the society is partly caused by a lack of “groundedness”.

The only community of which I am part, is the community of performance artists.
Naturally my work will address and be grounded in this community.

As a choreographer I want to integrate in a society by actually living in it, spending time there, knowing who my neighbor is and finding inspiration in my environment. Traveling should be a means to spread my work or a choice because I feel like it. It should not be a necessity to produce work.
This indispensable connection between travel and creation also implies that every production includes travel costs for all the participants from residency A to B, etc, even before the piece goes on tour (if it does). Consequently either productions become unnecessarily more expensive or the financial support for the work as such decreases. In any case, low cost-flights are being used, completely disregarding their ecological damage.
In times of ecological and economical awareness, why should I take a flight to a rehearsal studio?

My pledge, 25/09/2013

I refuse the nomadic lifestyle that has no commitment to anybody but myself and mycolleagues.

I want to live and work in a community that is not only the virtual community of international (performance) artists.
I want to integrate in a society and produce work that is grounded in and reflects that society.
I do not believe work should be adapted to a broader, non-professional audience, but the confrontation with that audience is essential.
I believe the localization of art is not only more social, but also more economical and ecological.

Furthermore, I think it is necessary for artists to gather forces, break the dependency on residencies and organize themselves within the boundaries of their own city, town or village.