Artist’s Pledge at Tanzkongress 2016

by artistpledge

Join us this Friday, June 17th in Hannover at the biannual German Tanzkongress! Julek Kreutzer and Kareth Schaffer will facilitate a short “Write Your Pledge” session within the frame of a 3-hour workshop called “Reality Check and Dream Machine: Learning and Teaching in Contemporary Dance Education,” co-hosted by Florian Feigl, Eva-Maria Hörster, and Renan Itzhaki.

See you on Friday, June 17th, Hannover Oper, Probebühne 2, 11.30-14.30!


“Reality Check and Dream Machine: Learning and Teaching in Contemporary Dance Education”

Students and teachers of the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT – Inter-University Centre for Dance) Berlin discuss with colleagues of other educational institutions the preconditions and goals, the ideals and realities of university training in dance, choreography, and performance. How can dance, choreography, and performance be learned and taught today? How do individual interests and institutional guidelines as well as theory and practice relate to each other in artistic studies at universities? In which way do art universities feel responsible for their teachers, students, and local environments?
The discussions take place within the frame of a workshop, which will be accompanied by two artistic actions: In the happening ‘Collecting points’, experienced coaches navigate Congress participants through the practice and project work, the contexts and modules of studying contemporary, experimental dance and choreography. The initiative ‘Artist’s Pledge’ assists young artists in subsisting after their studies and in formulating their own artistic and ethical projects.