New Year, New Pledges

by artistpledge

The Artist’s Pledge has started off the New Year with TWO very special new pledges!

Pledge 21 is our first pledge from an Amsterdam-based artist and a plea for what shall henceforth be known as ‘artistic localism’. In it, the artist concentrates on the specific problem of “urban nomadism”: contemporary dance production structures demand that artists circulate the globe just to make work. i.e., by travelling to different residenciess. She postulates that this is no longer a sustainable mode of production and calls for artists to insist on making art in the places they live, in exchange with their local audience.

Pledge 22 is our first pledge from a CURATOR, or rather, an artist who describes themselves as both artist and curator. In this sense, the artist offer some fresh perspectives from another side of the power divide, and how she allows both of these fields to enrich her work.

We hope to see some more pledges soon, hopefully also some in German!